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Home Security We may be security specialists, but we’re first and foremost family men and women and so we know nothing matters more than home and personal protection. We believe effective home security requires, above everything, a change of mindset of most South Africans, and we encourage our clients to examine their own lifestyles and habits, analyse the weaknesses and respond to them – we’re there to assist and advise on how to, from the outside in, create layer upon layer of smart security measures. As a company, we constantly monitor criminal trends in the areas and communities in which we operate, so we are constantly devising strategies and tools for our clients. Security prevention measures can never be static, so we keep abreast of new technology, new approaches, fresh thinking. We work together with you, to ensure your safety. We don’t just pay lip service to it. Whether it’s electronic intrusion detection devices, armed response, or simple commonsense measures, we get involved. Learn more about the residential areas in which we operate

Community Security The expression “No man is an island” is especially apt in the security context. From the mid 90’s the upsurge in crime and reduction in efficacy of our national police service resulted in an increased demand for a community based security offering. Enforce pioneered community security and has been at the forefront of meeting this demand for the past 15 years. Our resultant experience and success in the field of secure residential estates, Urban Improvement Precincts and secure residential suburbs, is now well known and we are considered leaders in this field. Experience shows that a savvy community equipped with the right technology working in partnership with a professional service provider is a safe community. We therefore encourage communities to work together, and for neighbourhoods to interact and exchange information. We believe in a combination of strategies to combat crime and have an extensive, proven range of community focussed products and services. Learn more about the communities in which we operate

Business Security We are specialists in the broader field of business security, with specialisations in key niche areas. From a guarding perspective, the wide and varied needs of specific market sectors often involves industry-specific training, and with our in-house training academy, we are able to ensure that skilled staff are matched to the role required of them. Our world-class training facility sets us apart from our competitors and gives us a distinct advantage in an extremely competitive environment. We recognised from early on that in addition to well trained, well managed staff, our long term success would require effective systems and procedures. We therefore invest heavily in the development of IT systems and now enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated electronic management system which helps us manage our business and our client relationships more effectively. Learn more about our key niche focus areas

Event Security Enforce is recognised as the largest and most reputable specialist in event and crowd management in the country. We have provided event security for nearly every major artist and event in South Africa over the last decade, and have cared for Ministers, Entertainers, Film Stars, Political Figures, Religious Leaders and International Business Executives. In addition, Enforce has been responsible for crowd management at the Kings Park Stadium for nearly seventeen years, as well as Ellis Park and Loftus Versfeld and the Green Point Stadium in recent years. Our events management team has travelled the world extensively to study trends in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom, including the Olympic Stadium, with a view to improving techniques and knowledge of crowd and venue security. Learn more about the events that we secure

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